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Kids Clone Armor Helmet Assembly Instructions

Most of the upgrades to the molds for this have been made to the helmet. the first generation helmet was made in 7 pieces. As seen below

As you can see the dome was split into 3 pieces. this made assembly very difficult as the seam had to be filled with body filler and Super Glue. The first mod was to make a one piece dome and extend the depth of the Face and back so they would overlap. Making gluing much easier.

The next upgrade was to add the frown to the mold so it did not have to be "Manufactured" after the helmet was assembled

Gen 1 Frown, Made from Styrene sheet and glued into place

Gen 2 Frown Molded into Plastic

Also the Visor hole has been opened up slightly to improve vision from inside the helmet

On to the assembly

1. Raw Pulls

2. Trimmed And Fitted

3. Dome cut to 3/8-1/2 inch lip

4. Ear Caps Trimmed and fitted (not attached at this time)

5. Front and Back Final Gluing

6. Dome Fitted and Final Gluing

7. Finished Assembly, Ear Caps and Dome Glued on

8. Visor cutout and helmet painted. Colored electrical tape used to cover the seam from dome to Face/Back assembly

9. Clear Visor installed. This is a green welding face shield cut to shape and attached to the inside of the helmet with Velcro to hold the shape

The stripes on the side are Waterslide decals printed on an inkjet printer and slid into place

Helmet Assembly Instructions

Armor Assembly Instructions

Visor Template

Print at 150 dpi

Tube Decals

Print at 600 dpi

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